thai yoga massage bodywork: discover a sanctuary within this innovative and restorative massage. allow yourself to be taken through the experience of total relaxation. be reawakened through a customized series of stretches, muscle tension release and breath which will free your inner stagnant energy and restore your vitality.

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Imagine floating on a cloud....

We all know what it is like to be stressed. In today’s climate of heavy workloads and 24/7 lifestyles, people are definitely facing higher levels of stress. Fortunately there are many ways to respond to our needs, to escape, to relax and to rid our minds and bodies of these pressures and aches that wreak havoc on us.

Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork may be the wonderful solution. Would you like to experience the lightness of a feather, where nothing is weighing you down? Or perhaps you have the need to feel grounded to the earth, solid and safe?

The massage is performed on the floor, on a specially designed mat. The appealing aspect of TYM is that the recipient is fully dressed in comfortable clothes, allowing a great accessibility to people who have reservations about public nudity under a sheet.

The massage is customized to cater to the recipient, taking in their dosha, the Ayurvedic analysis of the 3 types of body constitutuions into consideration: vata, pitta, kapha. The recipient’s state of being, aches and difficulties are also taken into account with the help of a questionnaire to fully understand the needs of each individual.

A personalized massage, just for you.

what is Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork.

The origin of Thai Massage traces back to a time of Yogic and Ayurvedic medicine approximately 2500 years ago, practiced by monks. The founder of the practice was Shivaga Komarpaj, a doctor believed to be the friend and healer to the Buddha. In Thailand today, both Buddhist practices and Ayurvedic medicine have become integral aspects of the Thai culture.

The foundation of Thai Yoga Massage is based on the concept that a life force circulates throughout the body maintaining health and vitality. This life force is believed to run along approximately 72,000 energy lines or Sens lines . When this energy flow is blocked or restricted, sickness or disease may develop. To clear these blockages TYM combines the application of pressure (produced with hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet and knees) with manipulation, adjustment and muscle stretching to provide a comprehensive bodywork experience designed to improve overall health and well-being. Energy pathways are cleared, muscles are elongated and joints are mobilized to move towards a more balanced state. 

TYM is an interactive form of bodywork. The influence of yoga is apparent from the positions and stretching movements typical of this massage. Often it is expressed as ‘having yoga done to your body’. The muscle stretching frees up joint spaces and lengthens muscles in a way that is passive for the recipient, yet very active in its effects. As it is similar in style, TYM also offers similar benefits as yoga: flexibility, internal organ massage, oxygenation of the blood, joint mobilization, postural alignment, and quieting of the mind.